Sunday Gathering at 3:00 pm

Thursday Prayer Nights at 7:00 pm

Who We Are

We are a community of Jesus followers who believe in the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to see every individual come into family and experience the love and power of God.

Mission Statement

Fathers House Spokane is a place where people from all walks of life, denominations, cultures, and people groups can receive the love of God and encounter His presence through the Word, worship, and by connecting with the family of God.

Our Core Values

We love the Lord and love people

We believe in the authority of the written word of God

We believe in building relationship and becoming family

We gather corporately, publicly and in our homes

Your Invited

We believe in "setting the table" for an atmosphere in which everyone can come to receive from the Lord. Whether you need refreshment, healing, restoration, or simply seek community, we welcome you. We believe in more than just having members; we aim to build a family. The church should resemble a family where you can be yourself while also being challenged to grow into the person the Lord has created. We don't want going to church to be just about attending a service; it should be a gathering of the saints and the transformation into a family!

Partner With Us

Serving: We believe that when you come and join us for our weekly gatherings, you become a part of our family! We don't want people to serve out of obligation; when you're family, you contribute your strengths, talents, and abilities. Each person has something valuable to offer, and that's the beauty of the Body of Christ.


The Gospel is free, and we are immensely grateful for the goodness of His grace. As thankful individuals, it brings us joy to practice generosity by giving our time, resources, and finances. We are a 501(c)(3) organization with commitments and responsibilities for our corporate gatherings and necessary resources. We believe in working together to support the ministry and sincerely appreciate your growth in this aspect as believers. We do not advocate giving out of compulsion; instead, we encourage each individual to partner with the Lord and give as He leads and as needs arise. We are profoundly grateful for all that each person has given and provided as a conduit of God's provision. The key lies in recognizing that He is the Provider, and He provides the "seed to the sower."